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Below is a list of the items you will need in order to complete your PRO Award entry, we recommend saving a back-up file:

  1. Submitter information (i.e. the entering company’s name, address, website, etc. )
  2. Primary submitter contact information (i.e. the point person for all entry details.)
  3. Brand-side client contact: name, title, phone, email (Brand-side clients will only be contacted in the event of a discrepancy.)
  4. Answers to the 7 Entry Questions below (word limits apply.)
  5. Hi-res brand logo (logo for the brand/campaign you are nominating, not agency logo.)
  6. Digital Images: 1 required. Max 6 photos (25MB file size limit each.)
  7. Optional: Up to 1 video (80 MB file size limit each or URL to hosted video.)


We suggest that you make your answers as succinct as possible. Judges appreciate concise, revealing entries! Word limits are not the suggested length – it is the maximum allowable length for each answer.

  1. Who/what was the client/brand? (Word Limit: 50 words)
  2. What were the client’s primary objectives for this promotion? (Word Limit: 200)
  3. Who was the target audience? (Word Limit: 100)
  4. What was the solution to the client’s marketing objectives? (Word Limit: 400)
  5. Describe the experience through the eyes of the target. Any other important factors that were meaningful to the success of the promotion? What was unique? What was wild and new? What technology was leveraged? (Word Limit: 400)
  6. How did the program perform? What were the results? Please quantify and be as specific as possible. Entries without qualified evidence will be penalized. (Word Limit: 400)
  7. Please indicate what suppliers and vendors assisted the program’s execution: partners, agencies, subcontractors, staffing shops, and so on. If possible, include a brand client quote we can use if you win (Include the quote in the “Results” section in the entry form). (Word Limit: 200)


YES! Entries without any quantifiable results will be penalized. Be as specific as possible: quote a client on their satisfaction with the results, include measurable impact on sales (if applicable), include information on the brand’s commitment to the program in future years, or recap any statistics you gathered which measured the promotional marketing success. The more information you provide, the better.


We encourage you to submit a thorough, well-rounded entry, so please provide all of the materials you have, but all of these materials are not required. You may submit up to 6 photos (25MB upload limit) and 1 video (80 MB upload limit, or no file limit if hosted on your own website and URL provided.)

Acceptable file types – Videos: mp4, avi, mov. Images: jpg, jpeg, png.


1. Best Multidiscipline Campaign
Awarded to the campaign best utilizing more than one marketing discipline (i.e. broadcast, direct marketing, advertising, sweepstakes, events, digital media, public relations) that showcases outstanding creativity, consistency of message and achievement of objectives.

2. Best Use of Event or Guerilla Marketing (Five Venues or Less)
Awarded to the campaign best utilizing creativity while enhancing the strategic position of the product or service being promoted. The event should have been produced in five or fewer venues and have provided a brand experience to the target audience. Campaigns using Gorilla Marketing as its main form of campaign can be submitted into this category. Judges will consider strategy, brand/market relevance, execution and measurable results.

3. Best Use of Event or Guerilla Marketing (More Than Five Venues)
Awarded to the campaign best utilizing creativity while enhancing the strategic position of the product or service being promoted. The event should have been produced in more than five venues and have provided a brand experience to the target audience. Campaigns using Gorilla Marketing as its main form of campaign can be submitted into this category. Judges will consider strategy, brand/market relevance, execution and measurable results.

4. Best Vehicle-Based Campaign
Awarded to the best campaign that delivers a marketing experience by using a vehicle at the heart of the program. Judges will consider the strategy, brand/market relevance, vehicle design, execution and measurable results.

5. Best Use of Shopper Marketing – NEW! 
The award goes to the brand/agency who can show the judges the specific trail of shopper marketing work pre-, during- and post retail that led to a successful outcome. This entry should outline what shopper data led to what marketing tactics and ultimately to what follow up communications with customers?

6. Best Sampling or Trial Recruitment Campaign
Awarded to the program that demonstrates effective sales campaign of a product or service by means of sampling or trial. Sampling and trial can include in-store, in-pack/on-pack where the sample is affixed to the package of related product or packed inside, event sampling & direct mail. Program should demonstrate in its results an effective trial/conversion rate.

7. Best Use of Influencer Marketing – NEW! 
Awarded to the campaign that executed a successful strategy that identified the individuals (influencers) who have influence over potential buyers and oriented marketing activities around these influencers.

8. Best Cause-Based Campaign
Awarded to the best campaign tied to a charitable organization, event or community outreach program that defines, in quantifiable terms, how both brand and cause benefited.

9. Best Cross-Channel Campaign
For entries that showcase consumer outreach with a campaign that integrates multiple touch points across multiple promotional channels.

10. Best Dealer, Sales Force or B-to-B Campaign
Awarded to the best campaign targeting trade partners, sales forces or business customers.

11. Best Incentive Campaign – UPDATED!
Awarded to the best use of an incentive to motivate consumers to take action using loyalty programs, discounts, rewards, coupons, premiums, gift-with-purchase, on-pack gift or other incentives.

12. Best Wireless Campaign – UPDATED! 
Awarded to the campaign that best uses wireless devices (cell phones, PDA’s, tablets, etc.) to execute a promotion. This includes (but is not limited to) games, contests or sweepstakes entered online or via text messaging; the use of wireless at events; promotions accessed via wireless; social networking and targeted offers delivered via wireless devices.

13. Best Campaign Executed on a Local/Regional Level
Campaigns executed on a local or regional level with the intent of reaching consumers in a specific geographic area.

14. Best Campaign Generating Brand Awareness
Awarded to the campaign most effective in gaining measured market awareness for a brand, service, product or event including re-launches, repositions and new introductions.

15. Best Use of Content Marketing – NEW! 
Given to the campaign that shows the most strategic use of content marketing, or consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of attracting and retaining customers. This reward recognizes an ongoing process that is best integrated into the overall marketing strategy.

16. Best Campaign on a Budget (under $250,000)
Awarded to the campaign that achieves all stated objectives while adhering to a budget under $250,000. Judges will consider innovation, creativity, execution and results.

17. Best Campaign Targeting a Specific Demographic or Ethnicity
Awarded to the campaign that most successfully targets a vertical niche or subset of the population based on a specific demographic criteria (i.e. age, gender, pet owner, parents or a specific area of interest) or a specific cultural or ethnic audience.

18. Best Campaign that Uses a Holiday Theme 
Awarded to entries that use campaign marketing to focus on a particular holiday (i.e. Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, St. Patty’s, Father’s Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.) to drive sales.

19. Best In-Store Retail Campaign
Awarded to the campaign that best leverages the strengths of an in-store marketing initiative. The program can be executed by the brand or co-branded with other brands or the retailer.

20. Best Sponsorship or Tie-In Campaign
Awarded to the campaign that best leverages a sports or entertainment activity as the primary means of marketing a product or service.

21. Best International Campaign – UPDATED! 
Awarded to the campaign that achieves all stated objectives but was executed either internationally, or both inside and outside of the U.S. regardless of where the agency is based. Judges will consider innovation, creativity, execution and results.

22. Best Use of Games, Contests, and Sweepstakes
Awarded to the campaign that best promotes a product or service through the use of games, contests or sweepstakes. This tactic can be part of a broader integrated campaign, but the impact of the game, contest or sweepstakes should be clear.

23. Best Use of Social/Viral Marketing in a Campaign – UPDATED! 
Given to the campaign that shows the most creativity, innovation and measurable results using any social media channel and/or that shows the most creativity and innovation in getting consumers to virally share a message, image etc. producing measurable results.

24. Best Use of Video
For campaigns that integrate branded or consumer-generated video either as an enhancement to a website, social network, event or other campaigns.

25. Best Web-Based Campaign
Awarded to the campaign that makes best use of a web site by conducting a specific marketing campaign either over a brand’s primary web site, a specially designed microsite, or a brand profile page on a social network.

26. Most Innovative Communication Strategy
Awarded to the campaign that best utilizes and highlights an innovative form of communication through any medium or channel. The judges will be looking for inspirational, creative thinking and performance against set objectives.

27. Best Idea/Concept/Design – UPDATED! 
Awarded to genuinely new campaign ideas or fresh interpretations of established ideas in relation to campaign mechanics, channels of communication and types of incentives.  This category also honors outstanding creative ideas and design. Show us your best designs and messaging that appeared on P-O-P, posters, packaging, mobile vehicles, giveaways, etc.

28. BONUS: Back from the Brink
Not everything works out as planned. This award will go to the gutsy entrant who shares details of a campaign long thought dead or that may not have started off so well, but was reworked, tweaked, updated, pushed out to new marketing channels and made magic. This award showcases a strong entrant not willing to give up on a great idea.



  • The PRO Awards are open to marketers, agencies, suppliers, and manufacturers involved in campaigns utilizing promotion marketing
  • B-to-C and B-to-B events and campaigns are eligible.
  • Campaigns must have launched or debuted between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.
  • International entries are welcome!
  • Entrants may submit as many campaigns as they wish into the 2014 PRO Awards. Campaigns may be entered in multiple categories, as long as it is within category guidelines.


EarlyBird Deadline March 18 : $495 / entry
Regular Price March 18th thru April 22 :  $645 / entry


Entry into the PRO Awards is 100% virtual. All entries must be submitted through our online entry system.

The entry process is just four easy steps:

  1. Choose the category you wish to enter
  2. Enter in campaign details and answer the 7 entry questions; word limits apply
  3. Upload supporting photos, renderings and/or video(s)
  4. Submit your entry fee payment online


Each PRO Award category will have a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner along with an Honorable Mention.  A panel of senior-level brand and agency promotion marketing experts judge all categories, including the Best Creative category. Judges will look for evidence of campaigns that demonstrate the following:

  • Clear strategic thinking
  • Innovation
  • Effectiveness

Winners will have succeeded in reaching out and effectively promoting to the target audience. Results must be supported.




General Questions
Should you have an inquiry about the categories, rules or eligibility of the PRO Awards, please contact us via email or phone:

Patty Odell, Promotional Awards Director
tel: 203-899-8442
email: podell@accessintel.com

Hannamari Williams, Marketing Manager
tel: 203-899-8435
email: hwilliams@accessintel.com



The PRO Awards Gala will be held in New York City, NY during the week of June 23rd, 2014.

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